• Vitality, mobility, flexibility
  • Become genuinely strong
  • Maintain your youthfulness
  • No pills, no diet, no nonsense

Discover the CoreXperience exercise revolution

My name is Karim Niangane, I’m a Core Strength Specialist & Health consultant.

I offer a non-generic and no-nonsense approach to make your health an asset now rather than a liability later.

By restoring your natural strength and balance, you will learn to create the health you need for the life you want.

And from today, you can enjoy the feeling of feeling good and strong.

With safe, effective and low impact movements so well explained that you cannot mess it up – even if you never exercised before!

Want to try before you buy? No problem – just answer a few simple questions about your fitness, and you’ll get FREE access to a CoreXperience™ class.

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Why core strength and stability change everything

Your core starts from the top of your head all the way to the end of your toes!

Your body works as a synergy, involving multiple muscles working simultaneously to perform flawlessly.

If your hips are misaligned then your glutes (bum muscles) won’t properly fire up, leading to back pain, knee issues, weak ankles and flat feet.

Now you can see how one thing is everything!

A well-functioning body needs mobility, flexibility, vitality and natural strength to progress now and later in life.

Discover your hidden abilities and start the most important friendship you’ll ever need… with yourself.



Online class

via Mindbody app



Monday: 8.00 – 9.00 AM

Wednesday: 8.00 – 9.00 AM

Friday: 8.00 – 9.00 AM

How much?

Single session: £10

Monthly unlimited: £97


Satyam Yoga Centre

8 WEEK CoreXpress

Online class

via Mindbody app



Start date:

Tuesday 19th January 2020

Tuesday: 18.00 – 18.45

Thursday: 18:00 am – 18:45

How much?

Single session: £10

Monthly unlimited: £97

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Well-paced and great fun

The classes are challenging, particularly at first, but also varied, well-paced and great fun. Karim brings a great energy to the sessions. It’s hard work, but you’ll be buzzing by the end of it, and soon feeling a whole lot stronger an lighter on your feet.

- Guy

Wonderful atmosphere

Karim’s class was a good shock to the system which will help me to reach my fitness goals. He creates a wonderful atmosphere, giving attention and support when needed. He makes me want to do my best.

- Michelle

Absolutely fantastic

Training with Karim is absolutely fantastic and tremendous fun! His skill, attention to detail and enthusiasm is absolutely unique. My body shape has undergone a dramatic change and I have a new found level of energy that is simply brilliant!

- Dr Cathy Prescott, Director, Biolatris Ltd.