What do yoga practitioners, footballers, dancers, runners, skiers and rowers have in common? It’s that most injuries are due to wear & tear of the specific primary over-used muscles in each discipline.

But it’s not as straightforward as it appears at first.

In football, for example, it’s assumed that majority of injuries are tendon/ leg muscle related due to the excessive effort. But what if the real source of those injuries could be prevented and what if I told you that those same leg injuries find their root cause somewhere else?

The body is a complex machine whose ability to adapt to the good and the bad can drastically decrease rates of injuries and increase performance all together. From walking, running, jumping and dancing to swimming, rowing, climbing and sitting all those disciplines requires a strong posture and a highly engaged core strength muscle & spine stability.

Movement is a synergetic symphony of movement execute all at once in the most efficient ways and the least effort possible.

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Absolutely brilliant class

Absolutely brilliant class, we all loved it and the energy in the room was something else!

- Karine