Successful organisations have realised that having a healthy workforce boosts productivity, satisfaction and the bottom line. But it’s easier said than done, because in today’s fast-paced world of business, employees are always-on and expectations are higher than ever.

And that constant pressure can take its toll on their health and wellbeing.

I offer tailored services to corporate clients to energise their workforce, creating a win-win situation for employer and employee:

I will also personally assist you during this progressive physical transition with personal group sessions at your office. We’ll reactivate the key physical elements to reduce and reverse the weak core-related issues for optimal functionality and weight management.

You will learn how to keep your health at the optimal levels. And you’ll also discover how you could also use those foundations for your family with mini workshops and seminars to maximise the 5 easy steps to maintain a lasting, pain-free and dynamic life.

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Training with Karim is absolutely fantastic and tremendous fun! His skill, attention to detail and enthusiasm is absolutely unique. My body shape has undergone a dramatic change and I have a new found level of energy that is simply brilliant!

- Dr Cathy Prescott, Director, Biolatris Ltd.

Working with Karim at CoreXperience over the course of a year has transformed my general health and sense of wellbeing. As a result, stress is down and energy up. I now actively enjoy regular exercise and treat maintaining a healthy way of life as second nature.

- David Gill, Managing Director, St John’s Innovation Centre

Since I started training with Karim 6 weeks ago, not only have I noticed a massive increase in my energy levels but I can now wear clothes I only dreamed of wearing in the past. These classes are amazing.

- Jeanette Walker, Director, Cambridge Science Park

Motivating and inspiring

Karim’s CoreX class have really changed how I view exercising. Karim’s passion for what he believes in is motivating and inspiring – as is his smile! I recommend his classes to all my yoga students, and family and friends.

- Daisy (yoga teacher)