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Five great reasons to stretch more

Five great reasons to stretch more

It is well known that stretching is an important component of full body functionality.

The body is designed to move, to run, to bend, to jump and to climb. Not to use the body for its function is like only driving a Ferrari in a 30 zone limit all your life, not using the full potential of the engine and at some point the car will accumulate dirt in the engine until it stops completely.

Here are the five great reasons to stretch more:

  1. Build lean muscles. Your muscles are active component with the ability to grow, to shrink, to stretch and to stiffen. A healthy muscle is a flexible band or bundle of fibrous tissue that has the ability to contract, producing movement and maintaining your body in various positions. Without a stretchable/ flexible muscle, the fascia (sheet of connective tissue) will not have room to grow and to develop.
  2. Improve your muscle balance.  A flexible muscle will allow you to perform at your best and therefore increase your performance in any discipline of your life. Every muscle has it specific use and a single muscular unbalance or stiffness will trigger a domino effect where other muscles will have to work extra hard to compensate , ultimately leading to progressive wear & tear of the body all together
  3. Prevent injury. Have you ever noticed how injuries seems to affect those who exercise the most? Well, it is not accurate at all. Injury is a dysfunction of the body that is manifested through pain. Lower back pain, tight hamstrings, knee pain and shoulder stiffness are all signs of misuse, rigidity and lack of flexible muscle.
  4. Prevent cramps. A cramp is a signal that your body is stiffening and your muscle will voluntarily or involuntarily contract without having the ability to relax again…very painful! It comes from 3 things:
    • Your muscle has been maintained in one position for too long e.g. sitting position
    • You have been exercising and haven’t relaxed the muscle enough
    • Your system is lacking potassium which allows the muscle to relax among many other thin
  5. Improve vitality & mobility. A flexible body has a tremendous effect on your quality of life. Your happiness is directly linked to your health. Freedom of movement, living pain free from chronic ache and to be able to move at will is priceless.

Physical health directly impacts our mental health and vice versa, vitality is associated with mobility and happiness to freedom. Stretching is “a must” in the morning after spending 6-8 hours in bed and throughout your day whether you are exercising or not.

If you exercise, which you should do, active stretching prior exercise must be observed to warm up your muscles and static stretching post exercise will help to recover way more effectively. Stretching should account for at least 25% of your physical exercise.

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Wonderful atmosphere

Karim’s class was a good shock to the system which will help me to reach my fitness goals. He creates a wonderful atmosphere, giving attention and support when needed. He makes me want to do my best.

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