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How your thoughts determine what you eat and what you eat determines your thoughts

How your thoughts determine what you eat and what you eat determines your thoughts

I remember when I was a child, my parents, schools and the general consensus was to finish our plate if we wanted to grow strong and healthy.

I’m sure many of you have found yourself in similar situation when the plate was half empty and your stomach was already full. From a psychological stand point, guilt is the primary reason for binge eating.

There is so much contradiction in social media about diets, miracle pills, new diet trends and pharmaceutical companies trying to keep you as lifelong clients with side effects in their medications…and so it goes…

Are you also confused?

Let me be clear here. I call binge eating “the action of eating something detrimental to the body on a regular basis and in excessive proportion”.

The pleasure of eating involves all senses. The sense of taste, sight, smell and touch and eating is as sacred for the body as it is for the mind.

So how can we be mindful of what we eat, enjoy our food & benefit from it too?

Step1- Eat slowly

The process of healing your body and to increase your energy starts in the mouth. When you chew, your food is broken down from MACRO (big chunk) into MICRO nutrients (very small pieces).

The micronutrients are now sufficiently small to ease the work load on the stomach, the liver and the digestive system. Those nutrients will be easily digested, carried by the blood to feed your muscles, your organs, your brain and will provide energy all around your system to keep you mentally and physically strong.

This will reduce your calorie intake, reduce portion size & reduce your appetite.

Step 2- Less is more

Now, I need your attention- Imagine you want to get healthier without changing your dietary habits and without exercising. If you were overweight and wanted to reduce your weight by a stone in 6-8 weeks effortlessly, all you would have to do would be to reduce your calorific intake by 30%.

For example

Let say you are currently eating a daily calorific intake of 3000 Calories (many people are well over) and you were to remove 1000 calories a day by eating on a smaller flat plate and by eating slowly minus the sugary snack, you would remove 7000 calories per week.

If 3000 calories maintained your weigh until now, it means 2000 calories will stop accumulating weight it will start to utilize the unused energy stored as fat…which led logically to weight & fat loss.

It takes less time to fix the issues than to create them, all it takes is the enthusiasm to make the first step toward the better you…let’s walk together.

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