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Discover the CoreXperience exercise revolution

My name is Karim Niangane, I’m a Core Strength Specialist & Health consultant.

I offer a non-generic and no-nonsense approach to make your health an asset now rather than a liability later.

By restoring your natural strength and balance, you will learn to create the health you need for the life you want.

And from today, you can enjoy the feeling of feeling good and strong.

With safe, effective and low impact movements so well explained that you cannot mess it up – even if you never exercised before!

Want to try before you buy? No problem – just answer a few simple questions about your fitness, and you’ll get FREE access to a CoreXperience™ class.

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Classes are amazing

Since I started training with Karim 6 weeks ago, not only have I noticed a massive increase in my energy levels but I can now wear clothes I only dreamed of wearing in the past. These classes are amazing.

- Jeanette Walker, Director, Cambridge Science Park