Meet Karim

From Paris to the UK I have learned how to work with different people and cultures. Both group personal training and personal caring has always been a strength that I have developed throughout years of experience, learning and motivation to bring the best results possible.

But the real journey started in July 2013 when I became ill overnight, lost the ability to breathe with asthma, total lost sense of taste & smell and piled on 6.5 stones (32 kg) by December. I still remember the feeling of not being in control of my body for the first time of my life and how disempowering it was not to have a clear solution to stop the downward spiral.

For over a year I could not exercise or walk without being out of breath. I gave away my clothes, as I was now three sizes above what had been usual for most of my adult life. The impact was mostly physical, but also mental, especially when I saw the surprised/shocked look in the eyes of people I hadn’t seen for a year and who always knew me as the fit guy.

Fast forward to summer 2014, now I’m back to my former health, still have a very mild asthma, still no taste or smell but my body is 27 kg lighter and built 5 kg of fully functional body muscles. No diet, no pills but applied knowledge and nutritional science helped me to achieve this result naturally, sustainably and almost effortlessly. By the end of 2016, my sense of smell & taste came back at last after almost 4 years!

During those years I spent my time developing CoreXperience for the balance between mind and body to help those of you who know there is more to life and to health. My innovative self- and body-awareness approach is designed to improve your overall health, to improve your vitality, mobility and innate strength naturally and sustainably.

I strongly believe that placing focus on alignment and posture, combined with connective body weight training, functional movement, and stretching as well as calisthenics movement and the right nutrition to support your lifestyle are the key to optimal function ability.

My priority is to educate you on how to live a natural life without diet, pills or privation and to ensure a lifetime of good health.

No matter where your starting point is, we will help you to be all you want to be with what you already have. All I need from you is commitment!​

Your goals and wellness are my top priorities.


Founder & CoreXperience Practitioner, Body Transformation Specialist, Body Transformation Academy, Personal trainer Level 3, Circuits Level 3, Pre-post-natal trainer Level 4, Sport & exercise nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Extreme weight loss, Child nutrition, Child Obesity & Diabetes, Prevention Obesity & Diabetes, Obesity & Diabetes management, 27 years’ sport experience.

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Meet Karim

Transformed my health & wellbeing

Working with Karim at CoreXperience over the course of a year has transformed my general health and sense of wellbeing. As a result, stress is down and energy up. I now actively enjoy regular exercise and treat maintaining a healthy way of life as second nature.

- David Gill, Managing Director, St John’s Innovation Centre