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Waiting for the perfect time to start? That’s right now.

Waiting for the perfect time to start? That’s right now.

If after running a 100-metre sprint I asked you to stop breathing for 5 minutes, could you do it even with a 250K prize? No of course, because as much I you would want to earn this cash prize the urgency to breathe would be your number one priority!

Why now?

‘Now’ is the only real value we have in life. The past becomes a fiction as soon as it is gone and memories are fading away as seasons pass with an aftertaste of nostalgia in some cases, and a sense of relief in others. In both cases, the past helps us to build on experience to live a better present and preserve an eventual future from anything unfortunate.

Nothing can be built or achieved on procrastination! It makes decision-making harder and with time the situations are getting worse, then fear creates a monster that makes the task look bigger than what it is.

Spontaneity is source of happiness

Spontaneity is the pure form of life, and everything happening within your body has no delay. When you are eating an apple the digestive process begins in your mouth before your stomach, liver and intestines.

By eating the right nutrients and by reducing your sugar consumption your body will react immediately even if you won’t see instant results. Anything small, good or bad will have a direct impact on the big scheme of your quality of life.

Build a resilient mind

Your body and your mind are indissociably connected and your body will adapt much faster in the resilient state of mind of the NOW.

To act now rather than later will shape your uncompromising self-confidence and a feeling of achievement will arise as you are fighting against bad habits and regaining full control of your existence.

More than just having the pride to live life on our own terms, the power of now is a freedom from depression due to the past and stress-related discomfort for a hypothetical future causing daily anxiety.

‘Now’ is your best friend and he will always support you when procrastination tries to talk you out of what needs to be done for your wellbeing.

Now, nothing can stop you

The pride in feeling healthier, to do the right things, to see & feel the results will make you more energetic. Start with something small such as reducing the sugar in your beverage and you’ll soon notice the hidden power behind the fierce resistance of temptations.

Time doesn’t stop and never comes back. Six months to reach a goal seems a long time but regardless of your choice to act or to procrastinate, the six months will pass anyway. Your better self is awaiting for the decision you are making right now, to give it life or to keep it as an unrealised potential.

Time gives us 2 choices, either NOW or TOO LATE.

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Fabulous teacher, very knowledgeable

Karim is a fabulous teacher, he’s very knowledgeable about alignment and is great at spurring you on to do your best! I’ve  definitely noticed a difference, my strength and agility are both increasing. I highly recommend this class!

- Jenny (yoga teacher)