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Want to get fitter faster? Join a group today.

Want to get fitter faster? Join a group today.

Why would it be a good idea to join a group if you are just starting exercising for the first time or after a long pause due to life obligation, pregnancy or injury?

To get started is the hardest part of training even before consistency. To bridge the gap between thoughts and the actual action takes an enormous amount of energy and willpower, but the motivation to keep on going could easily come from joining a like-minded group of people with different shapes and the same goal.

How to get lasting results?

Group motivation & support is as important as your nutrition and physical efforts since without mind power there would be no consistency and therefore no results.

A like-minded group will alleviate the feeling of hardship in time of challenge, as you see the rest of the class getting through the same physical & emotional experience. It will make you realise that it is normal to find it tough and you are less likely to be the one who will quit on yourself or the others.

They will look up to you

This sense of camaraderie will better yourself and your performance. Someone more advanced could be your source of inspiration and after a few weeks of training you could also be an inspiration to someone who just joined.

The influence of a healthy social interaction with people who mostly lives a healthy life can rub off on you. The great opportunity to meet people from different background that we would otherwise not come across is also chance to open up your horizons.

It’s not all about exercise

To exercise in itself is great and you will definitely have more results than if you did stay at home eating sugary snack and indulging in laziness. That said, exercise alone won’t do the job…so what else will?

Your mindset – is the determinant factor to your success in life, at work and at gym. The group you will choose must resonate with your personality and expectations since you will spend between one to three hours each week with them.

In this group you must feel comfortable and sufficiently at ease to allow your self-confidence to flourish along your new found physical strength. You need to feel a sense of excitement just at the thought of attending the class and that feeling of stress will be washed away as you get into gear for the gym.

Never start anything without this in mind

Your mind is the one doing the work and you will learn something about yourself that you could not see if you were on your own in your living room with a DVD.

Above everything we said, having FUN is the most important aspect of your session. Enthusiasm will get you far more results in 30 minutes than 90 minutes of boring workout.

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Absolutely fantastic

Training with Karim is absolutely fantastic and tremendous fun! His skill, attention to detail and enthusiasm is absolutely unique. My body shape has undergone a dramatic change and I have a new found level of energy that is simply brilliant!

- Dr Cathy Prescott, Director, Biolatris Ltd.