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Why 97% of diets fail and how to be in the top 3%!

Why 97% of diets fail and how to be in the top 3%!

To maintain a decent weight is such a big concern for most of the population especially for those working a 9-5 desk-bond job.

Mainstream media lied to you

Limited movement throughout the week, quick fixed lunches, sugary treats in social settings and late-night snacking in

By using short cuts and by absorbing tons of “miracle” pills instead of doing the simple things that will change our life for ever, you are front of the TV leaves clues around the waist, thighs and the general depleted energy in our life. denying that nothing worthwhile comes easy!

“It’s about the journey, not about the destination”, you must enjoy the ride all the way to your intended health and the only way is to enjoy your food!

September is the new January

Going on a diet is the first thing we think about when we want to lose weight, going for runs and maybe joining a gym for 2-3 weeks before boredom and lack of motivation gets us.

In the one hand, the issue with an improvised diet is the lack of knowledge on how, what & when to eat the right nutrition for your goals and/or your body type.

On the other hand, there are the misconceptions about diet such as the false “Healthy snacks” which are absolutely unhealthy for your eating pattern. Just as bad is the spike in insulin in the bloodstream with hidden sugar in our processed sandwiches, ready meals and ‘healthy bars’.

3 steps to be in the top 3%

3 simple sustainable steps to reverse engineer your journey to a healthier and happier you.

  • As you may already know, if something does not grow naturally on tree, on a fertile soil or does not come from a natural source such as the wild sea and comes in a jar or a pack THEN you know this is something you need to question for your health, example, M&Ms, Nutella, sweets, bolognaise sauce, ready meals etc.
  • If you still unsure about the provenance of your meal, the first question should be: If I had cooked this pasta, vegetables etc. myself, how long would I keep it in the fridge before it goes bad? If the answer is 3 days max but your ready meal says 1-2 weeks THEN you know it’s full of preservative and chemicals.
  • If you still have some hesitations THEN there is one more thing to do! Open your cupboard and remove everything that is white or processed e.g. pasta, rice, bread, cereals, biscuits, soup in a tin, sauce, refined sugar, everything with sugar, instant noodles…Now check what is left, contemplate and face the truth of what has happened to your health.

The quality of your food is essential to feed your body with the right nutrients; it will give you this natural energy, this beautiful glow and this naturally lean & vibrant body.

To be healthy only take 45 minutes in your day, to be unhealthy is a full time commitment!

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Absolutely fantastic

Training with Karim is absolutely fantastic and tremendous fun! His skill, attention to detail and enthusiasm is absolutely unique. My body shape has undergone a dramatic change and I have a new found level of energy that is simply brilliant!

- Dr Cathy Prescott, Director, Biolatris Ltd.